The White Stripes Conquer Reviewer

Given that this is a cover of a (vintage American pop star) Patti Page song, originally released in the 50s, you'd expect Meg and Jack's version to sound a whole lot different.

Well, it does and it doesn't.

Jack follows the vocal patterns and phrasing shaped in Page's version, a sign that he has clearly loved this song for some time.

However his signature muted guitar chops that embed the track, his fastest solo on record and a frantic horn accompaniment coupled with Meg's compulsive pounding rhythm not so much bring this song, rather drag it at light speed into this millennium.

The track is, as you'd expect from The White Stripes, delightfully minimal while at the same time being aurally delectable.

Admittedly some parts are confusing, unpredictable and wildly erratic, but brought together under the umbrella of the whole track, somehow just... work.

Some may find the track hard to digest, but those with an acquired taste are sure to enjoy the track, if not, at least treat its complexities with a modicum of profound respect.