Duke Spirit Return

‘The Step and the Walk’ is the first single to be lifted from the Duke Spirit’s second album ‘Neptune’ (released February 4). We find them in a mellow mood, but one that sees them produce a focused, catchy single that sits well in the “alternative rock with a pop edge” bracket.

A dark bassline introduces the track, before the Duke Spirit effortlessly take us into a world that has a late eighties/early nineties indie feel; think Jesus and Mary Chain, Belly, Pixies, Sugar Cubes and you're on the right lines.

Liela Moss gives a captivating vocal performance, one which is easy on the ear and is strong for its ability to draw the listener in rather than for any great power or attitude.

As a taster for the new album this ticks all the boxes, for the prospect of discovering where Duke Spirit are going next is an intriguing one.