I Thought It Was Over

The Feeling have done their research and found out no one has written a love song about the Berlin Wall since David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’. This is appropriate, as ‘I Thought It Was Over’ sounds like Bowie if he had been a much worse songwriter and had overproduced to compensate.

The lyrics tell the story. You were there when the wall came down. He thought it was over. But it’s not. I cut out all the confused imagery about baby kings wearing grown up crowns and republics being dead and gone to make it clearer.

Someone’s fiddled about in the studio to sterilise the guitars. And the piano, the drums, the synths and whichever FX people were on hand from the session musicians’ convention presumably taking place in the adjacent room.

The big problem here is clutter. But then, with this music and these lyrics, the band has got to do what it can to distract listeners as much as possible.