Happy Pill

Often unfairly lumped in the emo category Paramore go some way to redressing the balance with an absolute stormer of a single in 'Misery Business'. Despite the title there is nothing dour or downbeat about this, quite the opposite infact, more a feel good riff that centres around a glorious soaring melody. Having put alot of groundwork into the UK last year, culminating in well received festival slots at Download and Leeds, Paramore are now proving that they have the strength in depth to back it all up.

'Misery Business' is punchy from the off, it's upbeat, crisp, catchy and has the timeless knack of getting you singing along before the end of the first listen.

The subject matter might be a little young but then you can hardly blame the band for that as most of them are still knocking on the door of 20. Hayley Williams gives a fine vocal performance and on the occasions where she lets her voice just soar over the music she is particularly impressive. Quite simply this is the best I've heard from Paramore and goes a long way to cementing their reputation as a band very much on the up.