Pink Squares

With their debut album release waiting in the wings, ‘Pink Squares’ is the next single to be released. You may recognise this tune as it was originally released back in November 2006, but after a bit of a revamp, how does the new version take hold.

Indie mixed with a little something electronic is the form in which comes this release. It has the makings of a ballad with its slow verses but when the pounding drum base kicks it up and keeps it lively, there is no doubt this is more than just a ballad. This is especially noticeable when the catchy chorus kicks in.

As you listen to this track, a story seems as if being told in a simple and effortless manner. The vocals then slide in as another building block, but unfortunately don’t seem to have enough power to set the track alight. This is only achieved when the last wave of sounds are produced.

It may not become a huge hit, but you’ll like it while it lasts.