We Are Scientists - After Hours

It was news to me that We Are Scientists’ drummer - the perfectly named Michael Tapper - has left the band. It seemed that he, Chris Cain and Keith Murray each encapsulated the band’s personality and had more of it than most quintets.

Tapper kept winning ‘beard of the year’. Murray appealed to the band’s fans to vote for him as vegetarian of the year saying he ‘must not lose to Rob Zombie’. If you click on the reviews part of their website, you get reviews the band have written of stuff they’d encountered on tour like sinks in hotel rooms.

All this while being a brilliant rock trio. Their first album was as consistent as their antics are crazy with k. This single is just as good which prompts a question. How will they ever tour Britain again - where they say their support act is themselves giving ‘self-improvement seminars’ - without Tapper?