Hard-Fi- I shall overcome

Hard-Fi’s latest single hits the shops on the 3rd March as the third release to be taken from the most recent album “Once upon a time in the west”. As with most Hard-Fi records, it starts terribly and gradually improves, eventually becoming a catchy, radio friendly pop tune.

The introduction from the Staines massive is hardly massive at all, opening weakly and almost putting a downer on the rest of the song before I have heard it. Following the success of “Stars of CCTV” was always gonna be tough, but disappointment I guess stems from the fact that the new stuff merely sounds the same as the old yet not as fresh.

On the other hand, I Shall Overcome is actually the best release for a long while. The chorus is catchy and the vocals all set for a summer festival performance. I can see this track notching them up the line up schedule, but it would never make them headliners.

Indie Pop at its best, or worst, dependent entirely upon your opinion on Indie Pop before you read this. Give it a listen, or three (before you really get bored) and don’t expect “Hard to beat” standard by any means.