Dull But Dreamy

Ex Fame Academy singer Peter Brame has certainly changed since the chaotic character we saw on screen so many moons ago. 'The Alcoholic's Love Song' is an intense and sincere ballad that sees Peter's dreamy vocals echoing simply over a lulling acoustic guitar. Unfortunately as a single, 'The Alcoholic's Love Song' is going to turn few heads as it simmers along with production that cuts out an sense of integrity and drowns Peter in effects. It seems to drag on forever with little change in dynamic or excitement, even the crescendo is fairly underwhelming.

The b-side is at least a little more upbeat and has some potential, but the mediocre melody drags down the sweet vocal line. There's just not enough energy to the tune, the guitar, the backing effects and even the percussion just sound too nice and pleasant to have any effect. Sorry Peter, but there's just no passion to these dull and dreary pop songs.