Boy Kill Boy

So, Boy Kill Boy are back and are armed with “a new up and at’em attitude”. However, there is precious little to be found on this single which substantiates such purposeful affirmations. Instead what we are greeted with is typically insipid, unimaginative, run of the mill indie accompanied by a fatigued and world-weary warble from singer Chris Peck.

Built around a nauseatingly familiar chugging guitar intro reminiscent of the Kooks, ‘Promises’ trundles along at a distinctly pedestrian pace never threatening to soar or offer anything other than the sort of trudging, earnest bollocks offered by a plethora of the current crop of indie glitterati. This is particularly surprising and somewhat disappointing when one considers that the band managed to entice “hardcore super producer” Dave Sardy to oversee sessions for the upcoming ‘Stars and the Sea’ album. Sardy, lest we forget helped Wolfmother formulate their colossal retro infused debut and seemingly injected fresh impetus into Oasis; his presence on 2005’s Don’t Believe the truth resulting in easily their most consistent and unswerving collection of songs in a decade. Unfortunately, his midas touch is not in evidence here. Proof perhaps of the old adage that you can’t polish a turd!