The Metros - Education Pt. 2

Self proclaimed as “Lippy Peckham upstarts” The Metros do their best to live up to billing on their ‘debut single which showcases the average ‘Sarf Lahndan’ lad’s indifferent attitude towards their schooldays (“Education is overrated, and I’m the monster I created”). What they lack in subtlety, they make up for in angsty, and adolescent vigour all of which is delivered in vocalist Sauly Adamczewski’s leery, beery charged up bellow of a vocal delivery.

'Education pt 2’ jauntily skips along in a buoyant, brisk manner which has more than hint of The View’s ‘Same Jeans’. The lyrical content provides an interestingly anecdotal juxtaposition to the tracks cheery playfulness with references to their mates with shooters and “fucking ASBO’s”. Whilst this cockney rabble’s loudmouth geezerish musings might not be everyone’s taste, there is something heart-warmingly familiar about this sort of youthful hullabaloo (think Blur in their new-lad phase or halcyon era Libs) which makes this a somewhat endearing racket. With Baxter Dury (son of Blockheads frontman and wide boy poet laureate genius Ian), on board as producer The Metros show enough slovenly arrogance here to suggest that they could be the latest bunch quintessentially cockney urchins to endear themselves into indie kids hearts.