Melodic Rock Excitement

Chaotic melodic rock with a distinctive 90's vibe about its crashing guitars and fresh, clean vocals, 'Bipolar Friends' also has the frantic guitar cramming of groups like Hell Is For Heroes, before it all peters out into chilled melodic pauses. The blissful female vocals melt gently into glittering guitars in the intro before a cascade of smashing guitar riffs takes over and drives the tune towards its hectic peak. 'Our Bipolar Friends' definitely gives you the feeling that you may have heard it somewhere before, but it's essentially good, engaging rock that you can easily get lost in for a few minutes.

There's something a bit more Pixies about the frothy bounding energy of, 'The Houseparty Scene Is Killing You'. Handclaps abound and the fuzzed-up interplay between the male and female vocals adds an extra tension as the guitars rev up for some solo action.