Gorge yourself

Sometimes the combination of many good things can cause something catastrophically bad. Take overindulgence with food and alcohol, for example: too much only leads to regurgitation and regret. You think at the time such a killer combo of elements will only leave you satisfied and contented, yet often, it’s clearly not the case.

So when a band is compromised out of a talented jazz guitarist, a renowned drummer and an all round musician who also owns his own studio, you’d be forgiven for being a little apprehensive. Sometimes, even the best and most accomplished musicians don’t have those essential qualities that you need when you are in a band and frequently where they excel at musicianship, they haven’t the fury, drive and passion required.

Except with Severe Zero, the combination of such talents does work.
Vocally sounding a little like Billy Talent, with a distinctive voice all peppered with fury and heat, pushing and pulling into the music: this has it all. Crashing tumults of drums rise and fall and guitars dance around with urgency. This is quite exhilarating listening.

This is an interesting little single and if this is just an appetiser for a feast of an album, we’ll look forward to stuffing our faces.