Another heart melting offering

Jimmy Eat World have employed the rule of three when releasing their albums and with this have always gone for quality rather than quantity. From the genre defining Clarity to the immediate pop success of Bleed American (or Jimmy Eat World, depending on which side of September 11th you bought the album), three years have divided each album. Although Futures and most recent effort, Chase This Light haven’t alighted the hearts of fans to the degree of their predecessors, Jimmy Eat World are a band which are impossible to dislike, as everything they seem to produce seems so well crafted.

Achingly beautiful melodies, sugared but never saccharine sentiment and pitch perfect harmonies; the truly are a band on top of their game.

Always Be doesn’t have the incendiary, tear up the dance floor quality of Bleed American nor the breathy gentility of Goodnight Sky Harbour, but still is a worthy enough effort. Effortlessly positive and unashamedly poppy with its finger clicking beginning and its chorus lamenting that a girl will “Always be a little too far for me to reach”, it probably encapsulates the very definition of emotional hardcore (in the best way possible of course).

They say that good things come in threes, and every three years there is a reason for music fans to rejoice: Jimmy Eat World.