Middle - ill

Like with anything in life, if you can’t get excited about something, it becomes a total chore. Most people are in that predicament when it comes to work, for example. As work is certainly not there to be enjoyed, some days the thought of stabbing unfurled paper clips in your eyes and testing your pain threshold with a stapler seems a lot more entertaining and inviting.

Much like with work, reviewing can often be somewhat of a chore: if there isn’t something there to hook you in and excite or on the flip side annoy you so much you can not move until you have rid yourself of all the venomous bile that you have created, it can be a bit of a torturous expedition.

Unfortunately, Middlehill are a little torturous. By no means bad at what they do, just lacking any distinguishing features to make them stand out, which of course makes the job of a reviewer so much harder. This 3 track demo begins ok enough with ‘You Talk Too Fast’ which is an upbeat little number with jazzy bass and guitar lines, but the rest falls a little flat.

Definitely not the worst possible release ever, but lacking any punch to really distinguish themselves apart from other bands ilk, there is quite a good band hiding under this demo, but whether or not they will emerge is another question altogether.