It hugs back- other cars go

Released on the 31st March, the gigging fanatics ‘It hugs back’ randomly release a six minute track titled “Other cars go”. I was half expecting a cute, quirky quintet with long wavey hair and a magic numbers-esque vibe. Instead, I received a mediocre single with crazy interludes and unnecessary stoppages.

It could easily have been a two and half minute release and I probably would have preferred the band instantly, however I was pushed past the point of boredom and forced to enter a world I’d rather not contemplate much longer. Ironically, it doesn’t start badly at all; with appreciation all round for My Bloody Valentine and Mercury prize nominee Maps comparisons.

Too Pure (their current record label) claim an undying exploration of the bands love for music in this single, but I can only sense four egotistical musicians, who have gone out with the intention to set each genre alight one by one, pursuing their mish mash dream of melodies and riffs. At one stage, I thought somebody had stepped on the mobile phone effects pedal, with arbitrary sounds exiting my speakers.

Inconsistency fails to appeal to most I’m afraid and if this single is anything to go by, inconsistency is a prominent feature in ‘it hugs back’s’ work. It need not be so long, nor try to impress so significantly. Subtle music definitely passed this lot by during their influential years.