IAMX- The Alternative (single)

IAMX. Wow. Released 31st March, ‘The alternative’ is sooo good. Like bloody good. It’s dirty dance, techo at its best. A grungier underground version of Goldfrapp, played at drug fuelled raves and end of night sessions.

It’s just brilliantly sexy, capturing filthy grinding to the max. Imagine Noel Fielding and Russell Brand getting together and making music; and I’m sure you wouldn’t find yourself too far off. The remixes by BitRayker and Sidney Looper aren’t half good also, yet the release stands out with a passion; it is truly electrifying.

Critically camp rock I guess, although with electronica back in fashion, IAMX aka Chris Corner has created a stylish, trend setting genre. I love and admire the extravagant, lively punk vibe this dance tune has managed to grasp, and I’m struggling now to end my superlatives. It really is of the highest quality, mixing Placebo style lyrics- hidden grime and sex with funky beats and an infectious bass line.

If you don’t like grimey music then don’t bother. But it was such a refreshing change from commercial dance and catchy indie. IAMX might have just saved the music industry, but don’t tell him I told you so.