Had Radiohead ever lost credibility…had they never had any credibility to begin with…they certainly have gained it by now. They became the first band to throw caution to the wind with their ‘give it a price’ download of comeback album “In Rainbows”. A bold, daring move that had the entire musical world turning heads. Was it a success to do so? Yes and No. Despite the average price paid for downloading their album being a mere couple of pounds, it gained the band huge publicity, and was probably one of the most explosive ways they could have announced their return.

Taken from that very same album (In Rainbows), the band release “Nude”, a faint yet magical track. The best way to describe this track is the soundtrack to floating aimlessly in space. There is openness and certain vulnerability about this song. It’s gripping vocals and melody, accompanied by the echo of gentle guitars and subtle electric bumf. Thom Yorke’s lyrics are slurred, fairly hard to understand but it’s one of those tracks that you don’t necessarily care what the lyrics mean or say; your too captivated by the wonderful musicianship of the entire thing. A fabulous track; spell-binding.