Contrasting Offering

What do you get when you mix and Irishman, Italian and Australian? Yes, it might sound like the beginning of a particularly bad/crude joke -depending on your standpoint - but in reality, you get London based, Personal Space Invaders.

A curious mix of styles and influences all combine in a virtual melting pot of sorts. With each member of the band hailing from a different continent and bringing some pretty diverse sounds to the fore, what you get is a pretty hit and miss effort.

Blame has a euro disco intro which teases that it might break into some kind of glorious Gogol Bordello type craziness, but doesn’t quite reach those heady heights. Although this sounds like driving indie rock, but it doesn’t really get out of second gear and stutters its way through rather like some clapped out old motor.

Settle, however sees a much different side to the band and is an adept piece of indie loveliness. All gentile vocals, downbeat and dreamy sounds, it sounds almost Rogue Wave-esque in its intoxicatingly melodic sensibilities.

With both offerings sounding completely different in regards to sound, they seem to sit at ill ease with each other as one completely eclipses the other in terms of sonic ability, but this may be a purchase worth making for just Settle alone.