Karim Fanous

British singer song writer Karim Fanous broke the indie-pop scene with his critically acclaimed debut album in 2007.

God only knows why? ‘Sometimes’ is the dreariest dollop of dog-shit made music I’ve ever heard.

Apparently his voice has the delicacy but intensity to transport you through his personal and pondering lyrics.

Truthfully, his voice screams of bed wetting banality, of tear inducing tedium, transporting you into a world of pain, leaving you wishing you never had a set of ears.

The faux irony in his lyrics is desperate and predictable and mostly laughable.

There isn’t even a bloody melody in the song. His irritatingly hackneyed voice just seems to limp on like the final whimpers of a terminally ill Labrador.

“Sometimes I think I don’t deserve success”, he croons, in an attempt to be self effacing and ironic.

Well, it’s true buddy. You don’t.

Is this all a tad harsh? Well, yes. But really, this song is so impossibly awful, it defies logic why someone would want to produce or put this out.

If I could pick out one positive remark about this song……….no, I can’t do it. Oh wait, it only lasts 2 mins and 57 secs. Still I’ll never get those precious wasted moments back.