Against Me! • Stop!

“Against Me!” are the Punk/Folk Rock four piece from Gainesville Florida who have recently received recognition and praise for their excellent fourth album “New Wave”. Since the release of “New Wave”, “Against Me!” have enjoyed increased success and appearances at major festivals and venues all over the world. “Stop!” is the newest single from new wave and is already making an impact.

“Stop!” is a catchy and up-beat track which is sure to get any crowd bouncing to the beat of its thudding bass drum and off beat high hat. Despite its catchy chorus and ska like beat I personally feel that this single is a disappointing release from a great album. The song is very repetitive and almost inevitably makes it difficult to listen to a number of times.

Despite this songs repetitive nature it is almost certain to do well. It is its repetition which will make this a massive hit on the club scene. All over the country there will be rooms full of drunk people jumping up and down to this song repeating “Stop, take some time to think, think about what’s important to you”, and then following their night out, having not stopped, forget everything which is important apart from the lyrics to this song.

Against Me! Are definitely set for big things but this song is far from their best.