Yoav - Club Things

Wow is that a confused Justin Timberlake mucking around with a mini Casio keyboard I hear? Nope it’s Yoav and they aren’t very good. At all actually.

‘Club Things’ is apparently designed with the sole purpose of entertaining the sort of night clubbers who think nothing of drinking sparkling white wine from the bottle and grinding shamelessly in badly fitting jeans on dancefloors sticky with spilt beer and sick.

It’s little electro beats and bops suggest sexy but scream sleazy. Lyrically it doesn’t get much better, with the clichéd ‘beautiful girl’ line getting reeled out rather clumsily alongside questionable asides about a creepy guy watching said pretty lady from a corner waiting for her to . . . erm stumble(?). And then there are the vocals themselves so eerily similar to Timberlake Yoav sound almost like an overly eager tribute act.

If you’ve a penchant for tilting baseball caps, bling and gyrating like an epileptic by all means leave your dignity at the door and make this a purchase, if none of the previous apply avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid . . .