The Apples In Stereo- Electronic projects for musicians.

The Apples In Stereo appear to have a massive history behind them that bypassed my musical knowledge over a fifteen year span. However, the weezer-esque fivesome have now come back to haunt me in the form of a fantastic B-side 2008 release. Electronic projects for musicians released on ‘yep roc’ records, is an awesome infusion of random psychedelic rock and electronic progression. It’s a breath of fresh air in adolescent angst terms, showcasing years of music and performing necessary genre hopping traditions.

I’m going to dummy down any knowledge of these guys- for both the both the benefit of you and I. Imagine every Weezer album you ever owned, potioned with the upbeat tempo of the Monkees and a pinch of modern day rockers Switches, and there you have a beautiful concoction I like to call B sides of the apples in stereo.

It’s transparent I thoroughly enjoyed my welcome pack to the band; a decade and a half too late undoubtedly but the enjoyment cannot be disguised. The 2nd half of the album epitomises modern day rock, leaving obsessive fans (who haven’t already imported the subject in question from Japan obviously) thriving on the opening of Pandora’s box.

The one minute comedy sketches that creep up every now and then momentarily let the record down, but are rescued by catchy rhythmic tracks ‘on your own’ and ‘hold onto this day’. Elements of rock Gods oasis step up from time to time, but manage to hold back just enough not to enter the type cast Brit-pop tradition.

It’s a great reminiscent record, opening mine and no doubt many others eyes to a band that have been either underestimated or clearly outshadowed by some other great 90’s band. Any new fans out there?