Crackin debut

Illuminatus are a rock league of nations, with a Spaniard, an Italian, a German and an English Gent (he will be the one with the plus fours and tweed jacket no doubt!). I don’t want to appear to be predictable in my guesswork, but Im certain that they are Julio Taylor (vox, guitars, Spain), Felix Rullhusen (drums, Germany), Jon Martin (guitars, England), and Leo Giovazzini (bass, Italy)

‘The Wrath of The Lambs’ is their debut album and like other newcomers to the arena, have a very strong album packed with powerful riffs, emotive melodies, soaring and pounding rhythms, and a smidge of brutality thrown in for good measure. The brand of music Illuminatus play has already drawn comparisons to Anathema and Paradise Lost. Already beating a path to stardom the band have attracted many, thanks to supporting the likes of Nightwish, Paradise Lost, Saxon, Bloodstock and Bulldog Bash, even mamaging an appearance as the only non-US participants at the Famecast Finals in Austin, Texas.

‘Elevator Music’ it aint! You’re bludgeoned by the brutality of the strength of the riffs and the piercing vocal shrill of Julio Taylor. Illuminatus forge a mix of melodic metal, powerful riffs, pulsating rhythms, drawing influences from both classic rock new and old. Illuminatus have the potential to be around for a very long time.

The Wrath of The Lambs has hardly a filler on board, has good production qualities, strong songwriting from all four, and is a testament to such a young band. ‘Captive State’ sets their stall out for the rest of the album, with the growling atmospheric vocals, and powerful underlying supporting music. On ‘Black’ Illuminatus come across as a modern day Freak Of Nature with a metalled up Mike Tramp vocal style. ‘White Lies’ is the epic of the album weighing in at a hefty eight minutes plus and throws in references to Tool with their musical style of writing.

If they need a sponsor for their CD launch, I suggest Strepsils. The boy Julio sounds in great pain! The Nottingham based boys have made an excellent account of themselves and they will be heard hopefully by many. The album is released this month and first impression is a very good one. Rock City surely beckons

If Illuminatus don’t make a much bigger impact on the rock world come the end of this year, I’ll show my arse in Woolies window