Johnny Foreigner • Eyes Wide Terrified

Johnny Foreigner are a three piece indie rock powerhouse from who have recently stormed onto the scene with widespread praise for their debut release ‘Arcs Across The City’. The trio return with their follow up single ‘Eyes Wide Terrified’ from upcoming album ‘Waited Up ‘til It Was Light’

The three track EP is very impressive, and shows a band who are putting their own stamp on a genre which over recent years has become a little stagnant and predictable. Title track ‘Eyes Wide Terrified’ uses the alternating male and female vocals to mix up the dynamic of the track excellently. The band show that they are not just a standard indie band by incorporating exciting breakdowns and the odd unusual chord progression to keep the sound unique and enjoyable.

‘I Heard, He Ties Up Cats’ shows more of the same and really proves that the band have a special talent for writing catchy hooks to keep their pop edge, which is all important to Johnny Foreigners sound.

‘What Burlesque Won't Stand’ uses different timings to mix up the feel of the songs, and is proof that the band aren’t afraid of making their music sound dirty with squealing feedback and scratchy guitar sounds thrown in simply to add depth to a song which may otherwise seem a little standard.

Johnny Foreigner are touring a lot at the moment and I strongly suggest you check them out at a venue near you.