Echoes of others

Fusions. Yes, they are the name of those posh crisps that have absurd flavours like ‘Pheasant and Fox Heart’ and ‘Deer Face and Purple Onion’ but it is also a natty little word which can be use to describe quite a few things, especially in music.

We’ve all heard of impossibly stupid terms like jazz funk fusion, Latin American groove beats flux fusion and even Globo sex beat samba fusion. It may sound like the kind of thing that you’d hear banded around on the Mighty Boosh, but this whole idea of combining styles and sounds is becoming popular and oh so trendy, don’t you know?

So where does the London based, Giants Fall fit into all this? Well, the are another one of these fusion bands which combine elements of rock, metal and a little punk thrown in for good measure, the only difference is that they don’t have an impossibly ludicrous name for their style as yet.

As a promo, this is reasonably solid but you do spend the duration trying to work out which band they are sounding like at any given moment. Each hook, each bass line, each vocal part all sounds suspiciously like you may have heard it before. Heavily drawing upon Thrice, Killswitch Engage and more than a little dash of Alexisonfire, with vocals that at points, hint towards Alkaline Trio’s Dan Andriano; you can’t quite work out whether this is a good band, or just the good parts of other bands melded together to make something ok.