Another violent verse from The Used

“Take It Away” is as raw and aggressive as you’d expect from a band that have supported Linkin Park, and battled poverty and drugs. The first single from the band’s new album is an angry, edgy ode of desperation.

It’s received mixed reviews in the press, I’m no metal expert but its faults aren’t obvious to me. It provides exactly what is required, a louder than life, scream-filled first single to hook new fans and refresh old ones. The chorus is sharp and suicidal, while the restless power chords of the chorus are driving and volatile, set on fire by the fiery vocal screams and raucous shouts. With a beat that really gets into your bones, pressing bass and vocal refrain “you know I hate light”, it’ll be a moshpit classic on their imminent tour.

If “Take It Away” does seem a little distracted from the throbbing pulse of rock, perhaps it’s because drummer Branden Steineckert has been working on his new company producing skateboards. However with such a strong single, I can see The Used speeding their way to success.