Emo by numbers.

An interesting glitch in Itunes made this single from Paramore come up as a track by Ray Charles called ‘Show Discipline’ when I popped it into my computer, whatever that tune may sound like, I’m sure it’s quite a bit more interesting than ‘That’s What You Get’ which is yet another standard pop anthem from the girl fronted emo four piece.

The track skilfully employs emotive crescendos of guitar and vocal to get you singing along for the chorus; it might be bouncy and energetic and bursting with melody but it feels oddly sterile. Even for Paramore it’s a little too emo by numbers, those quiet/loud patterns just serving to make you feel manipulated and it’s strangely reminiscent of something that Avril Lavigne would produce. Whatever I say though the fact is that this band are like a tidal wave; headed for mega stardom and destroying all the competition, so there must be something about them that people connect with, I just can’t hear it.