Petter And The Pix - Easily Tricked

After first meeting his band at the age of 17, Petter Winnberg and the crew have worked long and hard to put together their debut release ‘Easily Tricked’.

This is an album focused on folk tinged pop, with a slight reggae and R’N’B on some tracks. The album opens with a soulful jazzy number in the form of ‘As A Soul’. It has a repetitive beat but the hazy synths and kick drum rocks things up. ‘Blame’ follows this with what could first be mistaken as a child’s nursery rhyme. With its fast paced subtle drumming it could be as if a child were using their hands in a music class. The strings add a nice touch.

‘Nevermind’ opens with sultry strings, a pleasant cello but continues with a more soul reggae/R’N’B vocals driving a listener to a more dancing nature. ‘Weak’ is slightly that in the sense that there is a repeated electronica backing beat, but it does however still hold a mellow soulful ness about it. ‘Let The Rain’ is much more emotional with the strings, rippling repeated bass backing beat and some electronica styling attached to it.

When it comes to ‘Shine,’ there is a different atmosphere attached to the less than two-minute track. This track is much more acoustic with the guitar and the vocals are very gentle. The title track ‘Easily Tricked’ has a wobbly bass line, but when the reggae beat and vocals kick into the point where I so wished to be on the dance floor, shacking my hips and moving to the beat. This is a track that will stand out for its feel good dance rhythm. ‘So Easy’ has some soulful keys while the concluding track on this release ‘Move On’ is rather odd. It may be just under a minute long, but the only line is “you better move on” which is repeated time and time again and becomes a little dreary.

Overall, this album is actually pretty variable, and keeps a listener intrigued and curious over what is to come.