The Zutons - Always Right Behind You

They formed in 2001 yet it seems like only yesterday we were first hearing from the Zutons. Many years later they are releasing their highly anticipated third album ‘You Can Do Anything’. To get you in the mood is the first single to be taken from their forthcoming album ‘Always Right Behind You’.

Liverpool was the starting point for acts such as the Beatles back when your parents were young, to The Wombats, The Coral and now the Zutons. Each has had huge success and thanks to this track the Zutons will be pushed that little bit more into the public focus.

‘Always Right Behind You’ has a friendly, outgoing and optimistic atmosphere. While listening, it is almost like when December hits and you can’t help but feel excited about Christmas, no matter your age. It is incredibly bouncy, full of energy driven vocals and music you fall into from the first beat to the last. The “always right behind you” repetition pulls you into the flow and explodes with such power. A delightful listen.