Awesome Color - Electric Aborigines

Awesome Color released their second album, Electric Aborigines, on 26th May through Ecstatic Peace label. Ecstatic Peace is the label run by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame and it is quite easy to see why he has chosen to add Awesome Color to his stable. The Michigan Trio play a brand of psychedelic rock which is making waves once again.

Awesome Color have described themselves as being “Noise provocateurs and impressionists with punk rock flair”. Well I am certainly not sure about all that but what I am sure about is you know you are in for a fun psychedelic trip as soon as the first track “Eyes of Light” kicks in, it really makes you think you are back in the past watching the best of the bands playing to a spaced out crowd at some festival.

“Already Down” does not quite carry on with the same full on style as the previous track but then would be hard to. “Step Up” follows in the same style which starts to grow with the groovy beat and husky vocals from Awesome Derek. With the other two band members called Awesome Michael and Awesome Allison i get the feeling they are all awesome people.

The third track “Come and Dance” slows things down with some keyboards thrown in for the first time but you can get to appreciate the guitars a lot more on this track. “Taste It” is another slow track but very emotionally charged track. The slower powerful tracks continue with the highly impressive “Outside Tonight” and “Do it Right”.

The last three tracks of this ten song album sees things get back to the faster pace again on “Burning” and “The Moon” before finishing off with the chilled out “Evil Rose”.

Basically if you think Thurston Moore is a legend and can do no wrong you will love this. Personally I think he has proved he has an eye for talent when signing Awesome Color to his label, even if it does get a little repetitive in places.

Awesome Color are no strangers to the UK and have just started yet another tour on these shores and there are still plenty of dates up and down the England and one in Glasgow to catch them live, I am convinced it will be an experience. They then get to do some dates in Europe including the increasingly tempting Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona.