Hot Indie Rock

Liverpool band Hot Club De Paris bring us their latest borderline nonsensical slice of breezy Brittish indie in the shape of new single ‘Hey Housebrick.’ And it’s a tasty bitesize two and a half minutes.

Vocally individual (the lead can’t sing but it doesn’t seem to matter one bit), vivacious, energetic and subtly structured ‘Hey Housebrick’ is solid, stylish and simplistic indie. Surprisingly the B side ‘We Drove Like We Stole It’ is almost as strong an effort as the main single. Winging around with wild abandon it’s a further nod to the fact Hot Club De Paris aren’t just making good tunes they appear to be having a cracking time doing so.

It’s not often a single will have you impulsively searching out more from a band but ‘Hey Housebrick’ does exactly that. This is good solid goofy fun and you know what . . . sometimes that’s all you want to sit down and listen to.