Lizzyspit single review.

Released 19th May, Elizabeth Knights Ward (that’s a mouthful) aka Lizzyspit provides us with Laura’s diary. Sung very much in a colloquial diary reading manner, Lizzyspit has created a harmonic, heartfelt track, opening up any contemplations swimming about. If you don’t want to open the can of worms so to speak then definitely avoid this one. Relationship break-ups require a compulsory avoidance I’m afraid.

Kate Nash lyrical comparisons are evident from the first note, not necessarily for the sound of her voice in particular but primarily the everyday emotional melody of words hung together loosely like socks to washing lines. See- she’s even got me doing it.

The percussive taps on the guitar are a nice touch for what could otherwise branch into a potentially dull and bland release. I’m intrigued to check out other material and see the direction Lizzyspit takes. It’s also quite Missy Higgins like, that familiar female vocal and thoughtful wording.

If you like your heavy rock music, or your energetic indie bopping tunes, then Lizzyspit probably won’t fit in anywhere on your musical spectrum. For the less hollow hearted of us, Lizzyspit could easily become a firm favourite. Anybody else wanna know why it's such a bad time?