In a league of their own

Canada: a land famous for its wild tundra; cold, oppressive winters; bears and mounted police. It is a land which has bought us such musical un-luminaries as Shania Twain, Avril Lavinge and Nickleback. A reason to launch a full scale attack on the country maybe, but let us hold fire as there is one band who alongside Arcade Fire, The Weakerthans and plenty more who a righting these terrible musical wrongs of their country - ladies and gentlemen, put down those pistols, toss away those hand grenades and step away from that rocket launcher, Tokyo Police Club are a reason to rejoice.

Suitably angular without turning into some obsequious paean to Q and Not U, unlike some of their contemporaries, ‘In a Cave’ is a super, summer drenched delight. Aided by a steady tempo throughout which doesn’t descend into a discordant melee; you don’t feel short changed that this hasn’t descended into stylistically familiar terrain. The very fact that it does not veer into such predictable territory is incredibly refreshing.

With the added gang vocals in parts with subtle handclaps, teamed with sugar - sweet refrains, this is such a joyous listen brimming with assured accomplishment.

After touring the US with Bloc Party and Cold War Kids and appearances at Lollapalooza and Coachella festival, Tokyo Police Club are destined for great things.

In a word, sublime: the tunes indie discos are made of.