Not quite the talk of the town

The Talks seem to come from the Pete Doherty school of music: all cocky swaggering; lethargic, slightly mumbled vocals and tinny guitar lines. If you didn’t know any better, they could be a tribute band to one of Doherty’s guises.

Musically, lyrically, stylistically ‘Picture This’ doesn’t tread any new ground, instead it meanders awkwardly down a well trodden lane appearing to copy the exact same footsteps as those who have gone before them. Even B-side, ‘Faces’ suffers from the same derivative styling as the single and as ultimately, other bands of their ilk.

Although this type of indie is incredibly trendy with the scensters, it goes no way to change the genre or to do anything new and by sounding like bands that are arguably relatively poor in their delivery in the first place, this does not set the world alight with an immense sense of originality.

There seems to be nothing more on offer here than what you would find on a Libertines album. Although Robert Plant and Mick Jones are cited as fans and despite headlining the Topman stage at last years Leeds Festival, this is one of the most imitative and near plagiaristic efforts heard for some time.