Nephu Huzzband - Nurse! Nurse!

They say good things come in small packages, well the new track by Nephu Huzzband ‘Nurse! Nurse!’ is less than a minute and a half long and is a short sharp blast of a mix of indie, post hardcore, screamo, new wave and punk.

Presented with a pretty pink disc is always great, and this Nottingham-based quartet top it all off with a Parka feel. There are barely any lyrics so music is the basis to what the band are all about. The vocals are abandoned by the music to an underlying level of rolling drums interacting quite interestingly with the vocals that are present shouting “Nurse Nurse come quick”.

There is nothing much to the track as it is so short, by the time you begin to grasp the lack of spoken vocals and the ridged riffs the track is at an end.