Kids in Glass Houses - Smart Casual

Between the bands very own tour back in October last year, and their support slot playing alongside fellow Welshmen, Funeral for a Friend in December, Kids in Glass Houses took every opportunity to record their debut album ‘Smart Casual’. After their successful recent UK tour, the album was released and consists of tracks written since the release of the bands five-track EP ‘E-Pocalypse!’ as well as three tracks from that very record. All the songs included on this release come from the inspiration of Aled Phillips.

With influences ranging from classic pop to British rock to the hardcore/punk styles, the album has quite a spectrum of musical tastes. ‘Smart Casual’ has some of the catchiest tunes I have hearing in a long time. ‘Give Me What I Want’ and ‘Saturday’ are the most sing-a-long tracks that this album has to offer. After hearing them once, they retain the ability to nudge their way through your mind, and you’ll be singing along to the chorus within your sleep and subconsciously tapping your toes. With a mix of guitar riffs and heart piercing rhythms, you will be on cloud nine. You will want to stand up to appreciate ‘Dance All Night’ as it lives up to its name, not just because of the music but the way in which the lyrics flow and vocalist Aled Phillips wraps a listener up in this musical number.

This album has a lot of feelings put into it vocally and musically. Take ‘Pillow Talk’ for example, the albums up-tempo ballad. The music is softer than on the remainder of the album, and the vocals seem that much more caring, concerning and touching while the harmonies band together. The backing vocals that appear on some tracks, like the “do do do’s” on ‘Easy Tiger’ drown in incredibly well and give the track a depth it needed.

This is a band that sounds awesome on Cd, but when mixed with the power of a live stage, the energy of a wide-open space, a static atmosphere and an excited audience they will blow you away…poof!