Maybe the last single...

What began as a one-man synth-pop band with Todd Marriott, quickly became a two-piece with William Bowerman playing drums and a band better know as I Was A Cub Scout. With just a two-year history, the band is releasing ‘The Hunters Daughter,’ which could be their last single, after confirming via their Myspace that after completing their July tour the band would be splitting.

‘The Hunters Daughter’ is an all indie rock number, but has an underling children’s nursery rhyme type sound that beeps along the way. However, I doubt that this track would get a child a good nights sleep. It is like a child’s toy playing behind a band. It is this strange underpinning beep that makes the track odd, but still adds an interesting melody that pushes the music to the limit.

As a concluding track to the bands discography, ‘The Hunters Daughter’ will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.