One of best tracks I have heard all year

I don’t think I've ever heard a track and been so touched and fallen in love with as I was when first hearing ‘Turn it Up’ the third single from the Feeling’s second album ‘Join With Us’.

With a celebratory feel, cheerful harmonies and a lively atmosphere there is nothing you can say against this track. You recall that festive feeling you get as Christmas or some other festival gets closer and closer, you get excited, you sing along to tracks you barely know and can help but smile. That is the only way to describe this wonderfully created track.

The mix of brass, guitar and piano keys makes for the perfect song. The bridge is especially light with a gentle, subtle piano section. The chorus “So turn it up, Turn it up, ‘Cos little love just ain’t enough, Yeah turn it up, Turn it up, And when your heart is sinking like a stone, Ain’t no one who wants to be alone” sends shivers through my body and unconsciously makes you move and sing along. I love this track!