A Single Of Two Halves

Saudi Arabian born singer/songwriter Karim Fanous is that rare thing - a singer who manages to stray from the norm to create captivating melodies. New single, 'Architect's Son' is a delicately structured tune with rippling guitar lines and haunting vocals with a hint of eastern colour. Sighing vocal echoes mixed with distant falsetto flutterings give the tune a quirky folk appeal while the slow building simple instrumentation builds to an impassioned peak. There's something that's definitely intoxicating about the balance of tense melody and teasing rhythm.

Unfortunately the release is a double A-side and the reverse, 'Top of the World' is a more traditional indie tune that's far more generic, but still has a streak beauty to its fast-paced guitar-led melody. The lyrics are a little simpering and over the top, as the title may imply. It would make a reasonable b-side, but it has little allure as an A-side, except perhaps to a Radio 2 audience. It's a real shame that the gorgeous 'Architect's Son' is let down by this feebler counterpart.