Dated Digital Dross

Dance veterans Karl Hyde and Rick Smith return with their latest single ‘Ring Road’ and in all honestly they needn’t have bothered, because it’s about the most dated piece of music I’ve heard this year.

Like a musical middle age crisis ‘Ring Road’ is a clichéd lyrically embarrassing, instrumentally obsolete track littered with angry clichés and genre stereotypes. The whole sorry mess smacks of desperation and proves nothing other than the fact the group have totally lost touch with what’s really happening on ‘the streets’.

Music has moved on since the groups formation, electronic music especially, their refusal to move with the times might retain their current fan base but it’s unlikely to entice more culturally conscious clubbers away from the adventurous talents emerging.

Underworld sound musically redundant, it’s a long time since the Trainspotting soundtrack put them on the mainstream map and it’s starting to show. Fetch the pipe, pop on your wee slippers and settle down to a bit of countdown lads your day has been and gone.