Good Start, Shame About The Finish

Devon trio Severe Zero try to pick a fight with the radio as their latest single, ‘Slience On The Radio’ erupts with steaming chunks of alt rock layered amongst some frustrated stabs of punk contempt. Fed up with the same old drivel clogging up the air waves, ‘Silence On The Radio’ finds the three piece frustrated, venting their anger about how they can download what they like before unleashing the warning that people better get with the times .

Dripping with social commentary that nestles amongst incessant riffs and energetically charged vocals that bristle with adrenaline, ‘Silence On The Radio’ is a solid and impressive introduction to the band that generally pays off, there’s just a niggling feeling throughout that perhaps you’ve heard it all before. As the vocals screech with contempt and the bass throbs ‘Silence On The Radio’ starts to excite, moulding itself into an infectious track. But things start to unravel as Severe Zero’s punk edge struggles to push to the front, coming across as more of an after thought that the band decided to throw in at the last minute and sadly making ‘Silence On The Radio’ retreat until it sounds like so many other bands going down the same road.