Let the beat control you

Underpinned by a bossa nova beat that sounds very much like it is from a Casio keyboard circa 1987 • that’s a good thing • and infused with their signature joie de vivre, Tilly and the Wall are back with another exercise in joyous beat infused pop.

Ethereal church organs, vague electronic noises and wide sing along choruses all combine to make ‘Beat Control’ one of the most catchy and vibrant singles of recent times. High energy and littered quite liberally with the ‘beats’ as mentioned in the title, it is an effective pop master-class.

Now very much part of the playlist on daytime Radio One, this seems like a giant victory for a band who have struggled in the UK for the acclaim and support they so rightly deserve. It may however be somewhat of a pyrrhic victory, as no doubt a handful of their militant die hard fans will be so incensed by their current popularity with Scott Mills and the like, the left field charm of such a band will have diminished as soon as the first note rang out on the airwaves.

Tilly and the Wall are one to the most likable, creative and original bands that have come over from the US in recent times and it is only a matter of time before they make an impressive impact upon the UK.