Deliciously Dark

Before the dust has settled on their indie underground super hit ‘In a Cave’, Canada’s Tokyo Police Club have kicked up yet another storm with their latest release.

Lacking the handclaps and drive of its predecessor but maintaining the dance floor friendliness and sing-along quality, ‘Graves’ is effortlessly cool in its production. But, underneath all the indie poseur chic, clean guitar lines and gentle snarl of the vocals lies something uncharacteristically dark and macabre for a band of their ilk.

If the title wasn’t a big enough give away to the content of the lyrics; ‘Graves’ is about death, but is not your average tale of mourning and regret. Telling of meeting by the resting place of a loved one’s mother, digging graves either side of her and resting beside the corpse; this is not quite the usual fare of an indie band.

Deliciously descriptive with the some what grisly lines: “Our hair tangled up in hers, Fingernails beneath the dirt/Sharing all her blackened brains, Our blood running through her veins” this is really captivating stuff.

Although having lyrics more befitting of your average metal band, the combination of dark storytelling with dance floor filling music makes for exhilarating and exciting listening.