Gym Class Heroes - Cookie Jar

‘Cookie Jar’ is the new single coming from Gym Class Heroes much-awaited third album ‘The Quilt’.

I find this track very different to the bands previous singles ‘Clothes off’ and ‘Cupids Chokehold’, possibly because of the lack of Patrick Stump’s amazing vocal contribution. This one however has the vocals of The-Dream filtrating through the chorus. It isn’t half as effective in making a bouncy number, but makes a more melodious song nevertheless.

Some parts of the verse, mainly the lyrical content such as “Cause meeting after meeting and I'm still a cookie-holic/You can hide em/I’m gonna find them/on the counter/in the closet/And I'll say I ain't do it with my face covered in chocolate” is just as memorable as lines from previous singles but doesn’t have the energetic bounce that you would expect from Gym Class Heroes.

This isn’t one of the finest Gym Class Heroes songs you’ll find, but it does show a gentler side to a rocky band.