Take Me Through

Visible Noise is becoming something of a label that can be likened to the Queen and her ownership of racing horses. They have a stable of talent that they are encouraging and grooming to become thoroughbreds. From the label that brought you the LostProphets and Bullet For My Valentine, welcome their new stallion Days of Worth.

"Take Me Through" is their debut single off their debut album The Western Mechanic, and oh boy what a debut. When I first saw Days of Worth Live back in September I predicted that you would soon hear this song blaring out of your CD player soon enough. Little did I know it was going to be their debut single and what a powerful debut.

From the opening chords on guitar to the crashing introduction of the drums, this song is packed with energy and vibrancy. None of the energy and vibrancy has been produced out of the song in the studio - it comes packed with the same overwhelming power as their live performances. Simon Griffiths the lead singer has a powerful and emotion filled voice, that just doesn’t back down or get drowned out by the music.

This is one hell of a band with a big future, who are passionate about what they do and who debut with one pumped up killer song.