Severe Zero - Dead Air

It's always a pleasure to receive albums from bands who have no backing and are doing it all on their own and this Devon three piece are no exception. Not only did front man Luke Bond write all the songs, he also mixed and mastered the album and what a marvellous job he has done too.

As the previous single releases suggested, this album is a feast of fun times. Sharp, full on, energetic, angry, everything you could possibly want from the modern punk generation. Kicking off with the impressive 'Weapons Grade', previously released as a single, it sets the tone perfectly for what is to come over the next 13 tracks.

It has to be said that 'Hostile Takeover' is just one awesome song and surely ear marked to be either the next single or one of those hidden gems that never get released but always played live. Mix of slow and fast riffs and at times hints of Muse influences, at their rockiest of course. 'Between Two Fires' goes back to the all out fast pace from start to finish, with a nice guitar solo by Gelb towards the end and Frank Rawle on drums adds the final touches nicely.

'Silence On The Radio' is the other previous single release and gives the inspiration for the album title, "Dead Air", with their ranting about the state of music on air these days, something we can all relate to.

The final tracks carry on in the same vein, 'The Power It Gives' has a great bass riff all the way through and is something far beyond what a band of this level should be doing. There is still plenty of variation on all the songs, keeping you gripped right to the end of the slow paced and anguished, 'Cash On Delivery'.

There are a few unsigned bands out there who are doing it alone and deserve so much more recognition. Severe Zero are one of those. Fingers crossed they will grow enough to break out of the South West every now and again and the rest of us can enjoy this young trio live.