Passionate acoustic music

Not sure about you but I never watch reality TV shows. X-Factor, Pop Idol, Fame Academy among many others usually consist of bad singers and people that are completely unable to deal with the consequences of winning or even just participating in such shows. It was in 2003’s Fame Academy Peter Brame auditioned and got through to the penultimate show, finishing fourth. From here, he found life a little difficult, struggling with attention he gained from the show, he began drinking excessively and really hit rock bottom.

Now, many years later with Fame Academy being a distant memory and with a new start in the music industry, this English singer-songwriter guitarist is able to really put his heart and soul into the music he is creating and focus on something more important than winning a reality TV show.

Basing this new material on personal experiences, Brame has taken a step back from hard-hitting melodies that strike the charts every week, and has gone for a more acoustic and intimate nature with these ten songs. If you are not a lover of more delicate music, ballads, acoustic settings, emotional roller coasters and songs that touch with their personal lyrics, then this may not be for you. However, if you do like the warming sounds of an acoustic guitar and the precious vocals of a young man singing his heart out then you are going to adore this record.

Being acoustic, you really get to see into the heart of this young musician, find his talent and enjoy it. There may not be much alteration in sound, but this is to be expected and enjoyed. It hypnotises with its subtle basic nature, while ingeniously creating sounds of echoed harmonies. Through his passionate guitar playing and endearing vocals it is plain to see this lad has gone from “superstar wannabe” to dedicated and matured musician. With the past well and truly behind him, Brame looks set to get some positive responses from the media this time around, focusing on the quality that counts; the music.