The Feeling - Join With Us

I absolutely loved ‘Turn It Up’ by the Feeling, so was gasping to find out whether their latest single ‘Join With Us’ could match the power and lovability of its predecessor.

This fourth single to be taken from their second album of the same name, is not as infectious as their previous hit but it still has the magnetism to attract an ear or two. The “come with us, come with us, join with us, join with us” mid sections is enough to get you singing along and when accompanied with a sing-a-long friendly chorus you have all the making of a magnificent single. As the simple beat mixes in some strong electric riffs the track concludes on a high and explosive note.

I doubt that the Feeling have a song powerful enough to match the charismatic ‘Turn It Up’, but if there was an award for second place, then ‘Join With Us’ may have it.