These guys have no problem

After the success of their mind-blowing previous singles ‘Valerie’ and more recently ‘Always Right Behind You’, the Zutons are set to release ‘What’s Your Problem’ taken from their third album ‘You Can Do Anything’.

From the minute this track begins, a jumpy little anthem finds its way into your mind and to keep your toes from tapping would take more will power to control than any one is capable of. This song doesn’t have the same punch that its predecessor did, its more of a sharp paced song that has an oddly Mopatop’s Shop theme at some points with the lines “you need it, you want it, you know just how to get it”. For those of you that are past the days of kids TV, Mopatop’s Shop is a children’s show telling stories of a giant Muppet and his friends in a shop.

A song ruled by its contagious children’s themed hook.