Top Club de Liverpool

Hot Club de Paris have always had quite a tidy little sideline in sparkling, shiny, sing-along tunes and their latest single is no exception to their superlative rule of releases.

My Little Haunting is yet another in the line of brilliantly bubbly pop records from the band. Effortlessly charming in their delivery, with a fair bit of swagger and cheek in their playful, yet quasi-metaphorical lyrics: “In good time, I’ll exorcise the ghost of you which haunts my mind”;it is a glorious paean to lost love. Teamed with their signature math(s) core, start/stop approach, it bounds and bounces along and is only marred by its brevity. At a smidge over two minutes, it is a precious little gem of a record.

It is only the B-side, ‘Everybody Got In Touch To Say Sorry That They’d All Gone Home’ which has the band’s characteristically humorous, if a little convoluted title. Although packed to the rafters with charm, it doesn’t cover much new ground since their debut album ‘Drop It Til It Pops’, but this is completely forgivable as they sound so unlike anything that the current musical scene has to offer.

No one does quirky little pop infused numbers quite like Hot Club de Paris.